About us

Mubende Journalists Association-Uganda is an independent association of journalists formed in 2011 to advocate and lobby for fair freedoms of journalists in Mubende district through media laws and policies.  Since its inception in 2011, the association has worked towards enhancing access to information from government bodies, fight for the rights of the voiceless community and promotion of fair laws and policies. The process of developing this strategic plan was highly participatory, involving members and stakeholder from grassroots to the policy making levels within the association. In December 2011 members of Mubende journalists’ association-Uganda had a reflection and review workshop. There after members discussed the review and evaluation reports in a retreat on 4th.January.2012. The retreat agreed on the strategic direction and a draft strategic plan was developed out of its report. The draft plan underwent more reviews to make it more focused by developing clearer objectives and impact indicators. One of the major findings of the evaluation was the changing policy under which journalists in Mubende operates at local, national and global levels. This has led to the initiation of new strategic plan in order for the association to remain strategically positioned as an NGO that has its niche in advocating for media freedoms