Buganda’s premier commissions the coffee cash crop in Buweekula county, Mubende district


The Buganda’s Premier, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has this morning started touring the County of Buwekula, in which he is expected to commission the coffee planting campaign in Kiyuni Sub County.

While addressing Kabaka’s subjects at Buweekula County headquarters at Kaweeri in Mubende municipality, Oweekitiibwa Peter Mayiga emphasized the value of coffee as a cash crop  as it used to be Buganda’s main economic activity but it drastically dropped when people deserted to growing other cash crops.

He called upon the people of Buweekula to embrace this project and urged each family to have a coffee plantation on the small piece of land available, which is the only way Buganda will claim its financial status since demand for coffee is still at full capacity at both local and international markets.

After, Mayiga inspected some prominent coffee growers like COWADISA which is run by the wives of the UPDF soldiers at Mubende rehabilitation Center, and nursery beds at Rtd Maj Joseph Kakooza’s farm, the Buwekula Member of Parliament.

He urged farmers to embrace the new modern systems of farming but cautioned them to drop the syndrome of over dependency which he said is common in Buweekula and other parts of Buganda.

He has also appealed to agricultural extension officials in the district to help farmers identify the appropriate herbicides to apply to their seedlings, in case they are invaded by coffee related diseases and during this period where the country is experiencing effects related to climatic change.

Buganda’s minister in charge of agriculture fisheries and animal husbandry, Hajj Amis Kakomo said this Coffee Plantation campaign phase 1 is targeting four counties of Ggomba, Buddu, Bulemeezi and Buwekula County aiming at producing twenty million sacks of coffeePhoto 2(1)The Buwekula County Chief-Luweekula Nantaayi Immaculate Kafeero used the same opportunity to report the pending return of Buganda properties from Mubende district Local government where district officials are still using Buganda government structures at Kaweeri and other subcounty headquarters without paying rental fees to Nnamulondo Investments, the official Buganda estate managers.

In his response, Katikkiro Mayiga asked the Mubende local government officials to report to Namulondo Investments and have these issues addressed.

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