Core Activities

Human rights have grown in influence, both nationally and internationally. We played a decisive role in transforming the phrase [‘human rights’] from but a Charter provision or a Declaration article into a critical element of foreign policy discussions in and out of governmental or intergovernmental circles.” From Universal Declaration of Human Rights 3 (1998). We work to advance international human rights around the world principally by setting standards, documenting violations and lobbying for effective enforcement. First, we have been instrumental in setting dialogs on land matters where victims to massive evictions have received compensation and others managed to retain their land. Many Conferences on Human Rights are conducted and yet to be conducted I.e. Roles of the media in promoting good governance, Security for human rights defenders, fighting corruption etc.

Mubende journalists Association-Uganda have continued to play critical roles in advancing the agenda at subsequent United Nations campaigns on human rights. We work to document violations of human rights standards. Investigation and documentation has been vitally important in bringing human rights abuses to the attention of the Ugandan government. As a human rights body we have some of the UN mechanisms that have been created in part with support of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Uganda. With this support we have been able to engage power players in the western Uganda. These include Working Groups on issues such as disappearance and detention; Special Rapporteurs on topics such as torture, arbitrary and extrajudicial killing, violence against women, and racism.