The European Union contingent and Mubende district executive launching the multi-million valley dam project

Fighting climate change in Mubende district, the European union constructs multi-million valley dams in the area

In a bid to fight off the p[resistant drought scale up in Mubende district, The Ugandan government through the ministry of water, and environment have launched a joint campaign in partnership with the European Union to construct enough valley dams to enable areas that comprise of pastoralists feel at home as their execute their major economic activity. Five valley dams have been constructed so far in sub counties of Kigando, Kitenga and Kiganda respectively with the aid of over 11million Euros courtesy of European Union to fight off the persistent drought affecting farming within the district.

While launching the multi-million valley dam project at Kinoni ‘Village, Kiganda sub county, Mubende district, the ,minister for water and environment Hon. Sam Cheptoris has showed concern over the overwhelming number of Ugandan nationals dying of hunger because of the persistent drought in the country thus urging residents to use the available drainage features in the country to fight drought. The minister has called upon all residents in Mubende to abscorn from environmental degrading activities mention the rampant cutting down of trees for charcoal rather adopt afforestation policy so as to improve on the climate change in the area.

The acting Head of Cooperation European Union Cedric Merel, has also encouraged nationals to forego deforestation because of charcoal burning rather adopt[t the new improved method of doing the activity which is the BIO – Energy method through the Global Climate Change Alliance {GCCA}.

One of the beneficiaries of the BIO – Energy technology where he manages to provide himself enough charcoal minus degrading the environment, Mr Bakojja Richard has called the residents to adopt to the technology so as to fight climate change and hunger within their communities.

Residents of Mubende municipality however have decried the persistent drought that has affected their standards of living to a greater extent thus calling upon thus showing concern of the already built dams being allocated to rural areas at the expense of towns yet all are in dier need of enough water fro survival.

The chairperson lcv Mubende district Hon Kibuukla Francis Amooti has called upon residents to utilize the already built valley dams effectively so as to overcoming drought in the area.

It must be noted that the persistent drought experienced in Mubende district is a great concern especially to pastoralists who demonstrate each and every day to have some aid from the concerned persons thus calling upon the responsible parties take action so as to overcome the worrying situation.

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