Government grants a 50 acre piece of Land to a Turkish Investor.

Government has allocated 50 acres of land belonging to Mubende Army Barracks to a Turkish Investor Tunasco Insaat to construct an agro-processing factory which is going to be the first of the kind in the greater Mubende.

This factory is going to deal in maize milling and coffee processing to produce maize into flour and powder for both food and pharmaceutical consumption, and coffee for export.

The land allocated to the investor is at Kikona-Kyabatagi in West Division, Mubende Municipality, which is in response to the presidential directive issued last year to Mubende district Local government and the administration of Mubende Rehabilitation Center instructing them to grant a lease hold title to the investor for industrial purposes.

Mubende farmers dealing in maize and coffee growing have been selling their products to the in-land market at law prices, and now this gives room for bargaining powers since the park is going to avails the same prices at the east African markets and it is creating a room for value addition.

On Commissioning the multi-billion project, the minister of state for Kampala Affairs who is also the Mubende district woman Member of Parliament Namugwanya Benny Bugembe said that the industrial park is going to solve the high rate of brain drain where Mubende intelligent and resourceful youths have been leaving the country for the outside world for greener pastures.

The minister cautioned the investors to consider locals when recruiting workers for both skilled and unskilled labour, because it was one of the president’s motives to create jobs for the people of Mubende.

She urged agriculturalists in the district to embark on growing more maize and coffee which is going to be the highly needed raw materials to run the park, hence ready market for farmers which she described as transforming the economy and people’s household income status.

Mr Sherrif Ahmed Abduwalli of Tunasco, said construction is to start with immediate and to last for one year and then production will start.

He applauded the president and the government of Uganda for availing a conducive environment for investors to work in the country, and promised a multiplier effect in terms of benefit to the local community and the country at large.

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