Heavy rains in Kitenga render many homeless. By Musa Kaboggoza.

Over a thousand in urgent need for relief following heavy rains that hit two sub counties in Mubende district. The affected villages are Kinyiga, Kyengeza, Kayunga, Kisojo and Njagazi in Kiganda and part of Kitenga Sub County in Mubende district. The rains claimed houses and banana plantations which have been the only source of income for the area.

Mukundane Nabboth, the chairperson for Kyengeza LC I,  Kalonga lamented that after experiencing a long dry spell, the heavy down pour was a disgrace to their well being having claimed all they had in the gardens both for food and market consumption.

Banana production is the only source of income for these communities, and now they are left to the mercy of well wishers for relief. Speaking to the district Speaker, who is also the sub county councillor represenative at Mubende district level Hon. Museveni William Ndooli, said that its time parliament comes in with a  relief fund to support such affected communities. He castigated the environmental degradation syndrome in these affected sub counties, which washed away all the windbreakers thus advising people to continue planting more seeds since it has started raining, and should also plant more trees to overcome the same tragedies in future.

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