Kibaale Residents Protest over Alleged Land Grabbing


Residents of Makukuru B village that neighbors Kanaga central forest reserve in Nyamarunda sub county Kibaale District have today staged a peaceful demonstration protesting against the unknown people that are purportedly occupying their land whom they suspect to have liaised with National Forest Authority.

Charged residents neighboring Kanaga Central forest reserve say the people whom they suspect to have been leased the land by NFA have invaded their gardens and houses stressing that district leaders must intervene for their rescue before fierce fighting breaks out.


Some of the locals implicate the Woman member of parliament Kagadi district Jennifer Mbabazi to have brought her workers to occupy their land which they claim ownership.

They note with concern that officials from National Forest Authority have remained adamant to demarcate the forest boundaries that would separate resident’s land from the forest reserve.

When contacted by MJA, the sector Manager National Forest Authority Kibaale district Boaz Basigirenda assures residents that as NFA they have not yet evicted any persons and boundary demarcation is to commence within two weeks from now.

He adds that people should stay calm though cautions those causing unnecessary violence noting that Jennifer Mbabazi is one of the individuals who have offers in the ongoing forest restoration exercise.


The Woman MP Kagadi Jenifer Mbabazi could not be reached for a comment.



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