Mr.Geoffrey Wokulira Ssebaggala handing over the petition to Mr. Museveni William Ndoli Mubende district council speaker

MUBENDE DISTRICT COUNCIL PETITIONED OVER LAND EVICTIONS a nongovernmental organisation has petitioned Mubende district local council over alleged incompetence by district land board that have resulted into endless loss of land by native communities.

While handing over the petition to Mr. Museveni William Ndoli Mubende district council speaker Geoffrey Wokulira Ssebaggala executive director explained that” as we have presented this petition to your office as a speaker as a move  calling upon Mubende district council and district service commission to suspend , investigate Mubende district land board and take punitive actions against board members found guilty”.

Ssebaggala explained that; “Since 2016 has been investigating land evictions using literature reviews (studying land titles), recording land sizes being targeted and methods being used to evict native communities off their land and documenting the number of families affected.”

Ssebaggala added in a report released by “On 16th/Jan/2018, entitled “guns money and power grabbed over 1,975,834 hectares of land; broke families in Mubende district only until 2017” its evident that The number of hectares which were captured from land titles in public domain and being used to evict local communities by business men, indicate that the land being far more than the actual district land size.”

Ssebaggala has also condemn title on the table system of issuing titles, an illegitimate process introduced and commonly used by the district land board officials where over 190,000 families in Mubende district lost their land which was the main source of livelihood and survival through substance farming. Mubende district land board is responsible for issuing multiple land title on one piece of land, loss of communities’ land, violent land evictions, persecution and imprisonment of community leaders resisting illegal land evictions, loss of properties worth billions of shillings, human rights violations committed against native communities , loss of lives and sense of belongings by the natives.”

Ssebaggala remarked that; it’s upon these findings that we recommend the district leader ship to immediately to suspend the entire current board as a way of allowing investigations into each member’s role in causing land grabbing and once anyone is found guilty, disciplinary and punitive measures be taken against each individual responsible.

  • To constitute an independent team composed of people with high integrity to investigate the role of the district land board in illegal land evictions in Mubende district.
  • To study all land titles issued by the current board and cause interfaces with communities that lived or living on that land to understand the history of their existence on that land.
  • To recommend re-instatement of communities back to their land that they unlawfully and violently lost to businessmen.
  • Recommend new supervisory roles of the district leadership to the district land board.

William Museveni Ndooli the district speaker upon receiving the petition has applauded the organisation for coming up with the recommendation about the land evictions and this also going to trigger them into investigations of who ever is involved in these land evictions.

Museveni said that as district leaders we are aware of the land evictions and we are going to look into the matter as soon as possible.

According to the National Population and Housing Census 2014 Report Mubende district has an estimated a total population of 684,337people of which 351,746 people are males while 332,591 are females. 151,100households.

119,709 (79%) of the households depend on subsistence farming as their main source of livelihood. Mubende e District is one of the largest districts in the country covering a total area of approximately 4,646Sq Kms with one municipality and Kassanda, Kalwana Kitumbi Bukuya Makokoto, Myanzi, Nalutuntu, Manyogaseka, Kiganda, Kasambya, Kigando, Nabingoola, Kibalinga, Kitenga, Madudu, Kiyuni, Butoloogo.

Mubende district having an estimated population of 684, 348 with 151,100 households over 187,000 people having been evicted from their lands; it means 27% of the total population in Mubende have lost their sources of livelihood.

These  evictions have also ended up infringing on peoples’ other fundamental human rights, food security, decimating the capacity of those evicted to participate in gainful employment as well as destroying their social fabric.

Land evictions in Mubende district are rampant that each day that pass by several people are rendered homeless thus losing their only source of survival.

On several occasion the district land board have been pinned for producing multiple title upon which the sitting tenants are evicted.


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