Mubende district officials have halted the delivery of goats under government Operation Wealth Creation Programme that were dispatched for Mubende on grounds that most of them were below standards and some had symptoms subjecting them to diseases.

Under Operation Wealth Creation, the district was allocated 110 goats with 10 billies and 100 nannies of which 75% of them were supposed to be o South African bore goats and Mubende goats.

The goats  that were delivered at the district farm found in Ntungamo, Kasambya County by Bushyore Diary Farm which was contracted to procure the goats, but district veterinary officials have sited many health related problems and advised the contractor to take them back.

Mubende District Resident Commissioner, Florence Beyunga revealed to this site that the  government earmarked Uganda Shillings 33 million for 110 goats under operation  wealth creation in 21 sub counties within the district, but of the 110 goats, only 52 qualified as per the required OWC standards.

The District veterinary officials who inspected the goats at Ntungamo district farm subjected most of them to medication, and said some of them were below growth as per the regulations governing operation wealth creation. The RDC thus cautioned the supplier to be mindful of tax payer’s money because there must be value for money in all government spending programmes for effective service delivery.


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